Flexible Plastic Extrusions

Manufacturing Custom Flexible Plastic Extrusions

Extruded plastic shapes are created using a high-volume manufacturing process where raw plastic resin material is melted, then forced through a die to form a continuous profile. To create plastic extruded shapes, the resin is placed into the barrel of an extruder then slowly melted. Heat and pressure is then used to force the molten plastic into a die. As the plastic exits the die, it is left to cool, so it retains its shape. Plastic extrusions are two-dimensional and can be created in short or continuous lengths, depending on the application requirements.

Custom Flexible Plastic Extrusions for a Range of Industries and Applications

Northwest Rubber Extruders manufactures top quality, flexible extruded plastic products for a wide range of industries and applications. We work with an array of standard, engineered, and custom materials to meet customer requirements for durability and performance. We produce automotive gaskets, dual durometer seals, rail boots, and many other conventional and custom products.

With our innovative, lean production processes and highly trained staff, we manufacture flexible extruded plastic shapes in short runs or in large quantities to meet our customers’ needs. We make all our extrusion dies in-house to maintain tight tolerances and ensure accurate profiles.

Flexible extrusions are used by various industries to create products for weatherproofing, sealing, vibration control, leak prevention, and more. Examples of custom flexible plastic extrusions include:

  • Adhesive backed seals: to provide weatherproofing for doors, windows and other applications
  • Automotive gaskets: mechanical seals used to fill the space between two mating surfaces and prevent leaks in engine components
  • Dock bumpers: to protect hard surfaces and equipment, vehicles or watercraft from damage caused by impact or abrasion. Common uses include industrial applications or use with forklifts and boat lifts
  • Curtain wall seals: provide weatherproofing for steel or aluminum curtain wall systems
  • Door seals: weather stripping that creates a seal along the bottom of a door or around a door frame
  • Dual durometer seals: a co-extruded combination of materials with different hardness used to provide door and window insulation in home, commercial and automotive applications
  • Expansion joint seals: commonly used in construction applications, plastic extrusions are used to relieve stress between concrete and cement by allowing thermal expansion, absorbing vibration, and allowing movement between panels without damage
  • Food grade seals: FDA compliant seals for use in food production and service applications
  • Rail boots: provide noise reduction and vibration dampening, and help isolate stray electrical currents in lights rails, street cars and other rail applications. Using rail boots can help extend rail lie and reduce maintenance costs

Northwest Rubber Extruders provides high quality, high precision extruded plastic products and on-time deliveries to meet any schedule. We provide a range of additional services to complete your custom flexible plastic extrusion project including hand building, adhesive tape backing, part marking, die cutting, splicing, deflashing and assembly. 

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Selecting the Right Materials for Your Extruded Plastic Shapes

Plastic extrusions are manufactured using various materials, each providing different benefits. When selecting a material for your extruded plastic products you will want to consider the qualities needed for the product’s use and operating environment.

Important considerations in choosing a material include weathering requirements, compatibility with other materials, cost, physical properties and main function or design output of your plastic extrusion. Products that are exposed to harsh chemicals will need to have chemical resistant properties. Extruded plastic shapes used in outdoor applications should be constructed of materials with properties such as UV resistance and high temperature resistance.

Below is a summary of the features and benefits of the various materials we use to create custom flexible plastic extrusions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance selecting the right material for your extruded plastic products.


  • Low temperature resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Dynamic flex fatigue


  • Low cost
  • Weather resistant
  • Water, acid and base resistant
  • Tear resistant


  • Weather resistant
  • Water, acid, and base resistant
  • Low temperature resistant


  • Weather resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Low temperature resistant

Size and Color Options for Extruded Plastic Products

  • Durometer ranging from 30a to 95A
  • Sizes from 0.030″ to 14″ wide
  • Color options to match to virtually any color, including metallic

Specifications for Extruded Plastic Shapes

Northwest Rubber Extruders manufactures custom flexible plastic extrusions using quality control processes that meet industry standards and specifications. Our quality certifications include:

  • ASTM D-2000
  • FDA
  • SAE J 2558
  • UL 94

Learn More About Custom Flexible Plastic Extrusion Options

We provide a range of flexible plastic extrusions, rubber extrusions and silicone extrusions to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries and applications. Contact us today to discuss your plastic extrusion requirements.

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