Automotive Seals

Prolonged exposure to heat and chemicals places an exceptional amount of strain on gasket and seal materials, causing them to weaken. Automotive rubber moldings are made to withstand high temperatures and exposure to oil, chemicals, and other harsh fluids. The high-performance materials used in these seals also resist abrasion and wear to keep automotive components operational longer.

Quality Tested Automotive Rubber Moldings

Northwest Rubber Extruders provides automotive rubber moldings for all of your transportation applications. We use several molding processes and offer a range of high-performance elastomeric materials to meet your design and performance needs. Our facility uses ASTM for quality testing and holds an IATF 16949 Certificate of Approval for manufacturing organic, silicone, and thermoplastic automotive seals.

Reliable Protection for Automotive Components

Automotive seals play the critical role of closing gaps between various components to prevent the unwanted passage of lubricants and other fluids. Gaskets also seal out moisture, debris, and other contaminants that could impact vehicle performance.

These seals are sometimes made from metal, but elastomers provide several advantages for wear, corrosion resistance, and overall durability. Rubber automotive seals and gaskets also form to indentations and imperfections in the sealing area, creating a tight and inseparable bond between components.

Mechanical Applications for Automotive Seals and Gaskets

Rubber gaskets and seals are designed to allow the flexibility needed for moving components while maintaining an effective seal. Automotive rubber moldings are used throughout the interior and exterior of a vehicle, including:

  • Drivetrain components
  • Transmissions
  • Doors and windows
  • Fuel supply systems
  • Engine cooling systems

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We have the equipment and expertise needed to handle all your automotive seal needs. Our facility can handle production runs from a few hundred to several thousand, and we offer several value-added services to complete your project.

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