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Custom Rubber Seal and Extrusion Manufacturer

As a leading, full-service rubber extrusions manufacturer, plastic extrusions manufacturer, and silicone extrusions manufacturer, Northwest Rubber Extruders supplies custom-extruded elastomeric products for a variety of applications. We use advanced technology and top quality materials to create custom molded products in the profile needed to meet your specifications. 

Our flexible plastic extrusions are used for weatherproofing, leak prevention, and vibration control and include gaskets, seals, dock bumpers, and rail boots. Rigid custom extrusions are hard and inflexible for use in automotive, electrical, and construction applications requiring weather resistance and high tensile strength. We’ll assess your design and needs to find the best process for your custom extrusions.

High-Quality Plastic Extrusion Materials Deliver Exceptional Results

Every project has unique needs and requires different material properties for custom rubber molded products. We utilize various standard, engineered, and custom materials providing varying levels of weather, chemical, and temperature resistance. We also offer a range off durometer and color options to suit your application needs. If you are unsure of which rubber or plastic material is best for your project, we’ll use our expertise to help you make the best decision based on the intended use.

Quality Control Ensures Compliance and Customer Satisfaction

Precision and repeatability are essential in custom extrusions and molded rubber products, which is why we make quality control a top priority. Northwest Rubber Extruders makes all molding and extrusion dies in-house to ensure the tight tolerances and accurate profiles you require. We also hold several quality certifications and work with you to make sure your elastomeric products meet industry standards and specifications.

Northwest Rubber Extruders provides the resources and expertise to take your custom rubber seals project from start to finish. Request a quote or contact us to discuss your custom extrusion project.

Custom Extruded Products

With our precision extrusion capabilities, Northwest Rubber Extruders can deliver high-quality flexible extrusions that match your exact requirements. Utilizing proven methods alongside new and innovative processes, we provide short-run, quick-turn manufacturing, as well as full production runs for tens of thousands of pieces or more. We have the capability to extrude products up to 20” wide from a large selection of materials.

Custom Molded Products

Using a variety of molding processes, Northwest Rubber Extruders can produce custom-molded rubber products to meet your unique needs. We work with materials ranging from natural rubber to Neoprene® to silicone and can deliver custom-molded products to meet numerous industrial and international specifications, including AMS, ASTM, mil-spec, FDA, and more. Our precision molding line can accommodate molds up to 32” square. Molding capabilities include:

  • Compression molding
  • Transfer molding
  • Injection molded products
  • Rubber-to-metal bonded
  • Fabric reinforced molding

Railroad Products

Northwest Rubber Extruders has been supplying elastomeric products and supplies to the railroad industry for more than 20 years. We provide railroad products for both new construction and maintenance of freight, passenger, light rail, and streetcar lines. Manufactured from durable elastomeric and thermoplastic materials, these products are designed for demanding railroad applications.

Value Added Services

In addition to our custom extruding and molding capabilities, we offer numerous value-added secondary services. With our value-add operations, you receive ready-to-use parts (or as close to ready-to-use as possible) faster and more cost-effectively. And, with fewer vendors to work with, our secondary services reduce the headaches involved in your overall project.

  • Part marking
  • Color matching
  • Special packaging
  • Adhesive tape backing
  • Splicing
  • Flocking
  • Assembly
  • and more…

Our Commitment to Quality and Service 

Northwest Rubber Extruders, Inc. is in the business of supplying custom-manufactured elastomeric products for all applications. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing high-quality, cost-effective parts, with unsurpassed customer service. We are a woman- and minority-owned business and one of the industry’s leading plastic, silicone, and rubber extrusion manufacturers.

Request a quote on custom molded products for your application, or contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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