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Why choose Northwest Rubber Extruders?

Since our beginning, Northwest Rubber Extruders, Inc. has been developing and maintaining a solid presence in the custom-manufacturing arena. For close to a half a century, we have specialized in quality custom extrusion and molded products in rubber, silicone, flexible plastic, and other elastomeric materials.

What do you specialize in?

At Northwest Rubber Extruders, we offer custom seals via extrusion and molding processes. We will determine which method is best for your project based on your material needs and application requirements. In some cases, molded and extruded pieces can be combined into a single custom seal.

Do you have a certified quality system?

Yes. Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001, AS 9100, and IATF 16949. Quality is more than a statement; it is the way we execute the total transaction from order placement through final product delivery.

Do you manufacture your products in the USA?

Yes. We proudly manufacture all of our custom products in Beaverton Oregon.

Are you a state certified small business?

Yes. We are a State of Oregon certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE), and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

What are your typical lead times?

There are many factors that impact part lead times including material availability, part volume, equipment availability, and packaging requirements. Typical lead time for an existing part is about 3 weeks.  Lead time for a new product is dependent upon complexity of the part and tooling required.  Feel free to contact our sales team for lead time information on your project.

Do you have a minimum run size?

Yes. We have a minimum order requirement of $500.  Please keep in mind that there may also be additional tooling costs for new products or special order materials which will increase the minimum order cost.

Do you offer any standard rubber parts that are stock items?

No. We are a custom manufacturer and all of the products we produce are made to our customer’s specific requirements at the time of order.

Where are you located?

Northwest Rubber Extruders is located at 11155 SW Denney Road Beaverton, Oregon 97008.

What are your hours of operation and phone number?

Northwest Rubber Extruders’ dedicated sales team is available Monday-Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm PST. You can reach us via toll free telephone (866) 643-6878.


Do you extrude custom shapes?

Yes. We have the ability to extrude custom products in rubber, silicone, flexible plastic. We also can produce co-extruded seals in flexible plastic.  We have the ability to extrude custom profiles up to 14 inches wide.

What is the longest part you can supply?

It depends.  Relatively small profiles can be coil for the curing process and several hundred foot lengths are possible.  Larger bulky parts are limited to a little of 20 ft.  Depending on the actual size, it could be heavier than what you would want to lift.

Do you mold custom rubber products?

Yes. We can produce your custom molded rubber products through a variety of processes, including compression, injection, transfer, and fabric-reinforced molding, as well as rubber-to-metal bonding.  Our molding presses can accommodate molds up to 32 inches square.

What additional services do you offer?

To add further value to our custom seals and to provide products that better meet our customers’ requirements, we offer a variety of secondary services. From part marking to assembly, we provide a range of services that will reduce the time, cost, and effort required to produce your end product. We do more of the work so you don’t have to.

New Products

Can you help design the part?

While we do not have design engineers on staff, our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff is ready and able to assist you with your specific application. Our expertise in elastomers and rubber production processes enable us to help when you run into problems.

What is the process for getting a quotation?

Simply contact us at your convenience with your specific requirements via email, phone or fax, or use the convenient Request Quote button on our website.

Below is what is needed to get a quote: 

  • We can quote on your project utilizing your blueprint, CAD file, sketch, or sample part.
  • We also require estimated or actual volume requirements.
  • Any required specifications.
  • What environment the part will be used so we can assist you in the selection of the proper material.
  • Finally, be sure and give us your contact information so we can better respond to you.

How long does it typically take to get a quote?

If all of the information is provided up front, a quote can be generated in 24-48 hours. Mold quotes typically take longer due to the need to quote tooling.

What are your typical lead times for a new part?

Lead time for a new product is dependent upon complexity of the part and tooling required.  Feel free to contact our sales team for lead time information on your project.

Is the tooling required to produce the part made in- house?

We make all our extrusion dies in-house to maintain tight tolerances and ensure accurate profiles.  Molds are made by selected high quality local vendors.

Who owns the tooling after it is built?

The physical dies are the property of Northwest Rubber Extruders.  The customer purchases the rights to dies through a one-time non-recurring setup charge.  Once purchased, the dies cannot be used for another customer unless we receive prior written approval from the original owner.

The molds are property of the customer. We will maintain and store the mold while it is on our premises, however once contractual obligations are fulfilled, you are free to move the mold anywhere you like.

Are First-article Inspections Available?

Yes. First Article Inspections are performed on every new part prior to beginning production. After internal approval, the first-article inspection report along with the physical part will be shipped to the customer for approval. Once approved, we will move into the production phase and fulfill the order.  Please note that lead time for production begins after a first article is approved by the customer.

Can you perform AS9102 First Article Inspection?

Yes.  We can perform an AS9102 first-article inspection reports. The cost for this can vary depending upon the complexity and dimensions of the part, as well as the number of parts required for the report. Talk to your our sales team for more information.

Can you supply a PPAP report?

Yes.  A production part approval process (PPAP) is available to customers if required (level 1-5). The PPAP report requires additional cost and time to complete. Talk to our sales team for more information.

Can you supply SDS (MSDS) sheets?

No. SDS rules pertain to chemicals used in the workplace.  Federal regulation 29 CFR 1910.1200(b)(6), as set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), states that an SDS (MSDS) is not required for an “article.”  An article is a “manufactured” item which:

1)    Is formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture;

2)    Has end use function(s)dependent in whole or part upon its shape or design during end use; and

3)    Does not release or otherwise result in exposure to hazardous chemical under normal conditions of use.

The typical products manufactured and sold by Northwest Rubber Extruders meet the above definition of an “article” and are therefore considered exempt from the SDS (MSDS) requirement.

Existing Products

What are your typical lead times for an existing part?

There are many factors that impact part lead times including material availability, part volume, equipment availability, and packaging requirements. Typical lead time for an existing part is about 3-4 weeks.

How are the products shipped?

Depending on the size of your order, your product can be shipped using UPS, FedEx, or specified carrier.  Usually the customer will designate how they want their product shipped.  All products are FOB Northwest Rubber Extruders’ facility in Beaverton Oregon.

Materials Offered

What materials do you offer?

If you need a flexible seal for just about any machine, device, or product look no further than Northwest Rubber Extruders. We offer custom and standard seals that will match your exact designs, using a variety of flexible rubber, silicone, and thermoplastic materials, including:

  • EPDM
  • Nitrile
  • Neoprene
  • SBR
  • Silicone
  • TPV
  • PVC
  • and many others 

Can you meet any special material requirements?

We offer a wide variety of materials that meet the following standard specifications:

  • AMS (Aerospace Material Specifications)
  • ASTM D-2000
  • BMS (Boeing Material Specifications)
  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
  • FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)
  • SAE J 2558
  • UL 94
  • AA-59588 (ZZ-R-765)
  • RoHS – In most cases no metal introduced are incorporated into our products so RoHS is typically not a problem
  • REACH and Proposition 65 compliant materials 
  • and many others 

Do you offer custom rubber and flexible plastic parts in colors?

Depending on the polymer, we can provide custom rubber compounds in a variety colors.  Silicone and flexible plastics can be tinted to the color desired even metallic. All we need is a PMS Pantone color number or a physical sample and we will match the color using a color spectrometer to ensure the closet match to your desired color preference.  We can also mark extrusions, molded, or die cut parts with identifying marks or part numbers as an option if desired.

What if I don’t know what type of material to use?

No problem.  Tell us the application and the environment for your product’s intended use and we will suggest a suitable material.

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