Dock Bumpers

Extruded rubber dock bumpers are installed over hard surfaces to protect against damage from impact and abrasion. They are commonly made from flexible plastic, synthetic rubber or natural rubber and are made in varying levels of hardness and elasticity. Common shapes include square, rectangular, cylindrical, hemispherical, and oval extruded dock bumpers.

Advantages of dock pads and bumpers include:

  • Simple construction that installs easily
  • Low maintenance and easy to replace
  • Durable materials that withstand harsh conditions
  • Protection from costly vehicle and equipment damage
  • Completely customizable to meet your needs

Rubber dock bumpers are most commonly used in marinas to protect watercraft as they move in and out of docks.  Other common applications include truck loading docks, parking garages, warehouses and any other situation where vehicles, equipment and structures need protection from impact. They are typically installed on hard surfaces but products such as forklift bumpers are installed directly on the equipment.

Durable Extruded Dock Bumpers Made to Your Exact Specifications

Northwest Rubber Extruders produces rubber bumpers and flexible plastic bumpers in nearly any profile, length, or diameter you require. Simply provide us with your dock bumper design and we’ll take care of the rest.

We use premium EPDM and Santoprene® materials, which offer reliable cushioning and protection, along with UV and water resistance to withstand the elements. Our proven manufacturing techniques ensure superior quality and durability. We can also drill mounting holes at customer-specified locations. And, we can provide dock bumpers in nearly any color—not painted or coated, but actually extruded in the color you need for long-lasting color.

No matter what you need them for, Northwest Rubber Extruders can manufacture custom extruded dock bumpers that meet your unique specifications. Our manufacturing facility operates under strict quality standards and is ISO 9001, AS 9100, and IATF 16949 registered for quality assurance.

Request a quote today, or contact us with your custom requirements.

What Are the Different Types of Rubber Dock Bumpers?

Rubber dock bumpers are made in varying thicknesses, sizes and styles to protect surfaces from impact. Some of the common types of dock bumpers used for industrial and marine applications include:

  • Forklift Bumpers: installed over the forks to prevent damage to whatever is being lifted
  • Boat Lift Bumpers: designed to cushion the bottom of a boat as it is lifted or loaded onto a trailer. This prevents damage to the boat exterior and keeps the boat stable during transport and storage.
  • Loading Dock Bumpers: provide a cushion between trucks and loading dock entrances to prevent damage to walls, trucks and trailers

Request a Quote for Custom Extruded Dock Bumpers

We manufacture custom rubber bumpers in the size, color and material you require and provide design guidance when needed. Request a quote on extruded dock bumpers for your application or contact Northwest Rubber Extruders to discuss your project.

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