Custom Rubber Bellows

Rubber bellows are a multi-functional type of seal that expands and contracts without compromising seal integrity. The flexible and expandable design seals out dust, moisture, chemicals, and fluids effectively. Rubber bellows also reduce vibration between mating parts and absorb mechanical noise. Another benefit is the seal’s ability to withstand pressure surges and accommodate slight misalignment between components.

Molded rubber bellows are widely used in food processing, construction, power generation, and automotive, and other industries to seal:

  • Pumps and pump components
  • Gas lines and engine parts
  • Chiller, condenser, and boiler components
  • Oil and water pipelines
  • Automotive suspension system parts
  • Water cooling system components

Get Reliable Sealing with Our Molded Rubber Bellows

Instead of trying to make an off-the-shelf seal work your application, consider the benefits of using custom rubber bellows. We can produce molded rubber bellows in the size and shape you need, ensuring a secure fit. NWRE has the expertise to troubleshoot your design challenges and handle requests for complex geometries. Our facility has strict standards for quality control and takes every measure to ensure design accuracy. Trust in us to deliver the high-quality seals you need! 

Material Options for Your Custom Seals

Using the right material makes a significant impact on the effectiveness of your rubber bellows. Select from these and other commonly used materials for your rubber seals. Our wide selection ensures you’ll find the right material for your application and operating conditions. Use our elastomeric materials chart to find the best fit for your seal design or request assistance from our team.

  • Blends
  • Chloroprene (Neoprene®)
  • EPDM
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Fluorosilicone
  • General-purpose rubber
  • High strength rubber
  • Natural rubber
  • Nitrile (Buna N)
  • Phenyl silicone
  • SBR
  • Silicone

We Deliver the High-Quality Custom Rubber Bellows You Need Quickly

If you need molded rubber bellows quickly, we can help. NWRE uses lean manufacturing processes to ensure quick turnaround times. We also have strict quality control practices to maintain precision and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. 

Request a quote to start a conversation about your custom rubber molded bellows project.

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