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High-Quality Rubber Extrusions for Automotive, Construction, Medical, and More

The extrusion process involves using custom dies to create continuous rubber or thermoplastic profiles.

Rubber extrusions have exceptional sealing qualities and, depending on the material used, can serve as a lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant alternative to metal.

NWRE manufactures custom rubber, silicone, and plastic extruded profiles and moldings for engineers and OEMs across a broad range of industries. We utilize standard and high-performance elastomeric materials in a variety of durometers and will help you find the right compound for your application. Our team also provides several value-added services, including hand building, splicing, packaging, and assembly. 

Automotive and Trucking Custom Extrusions 

The automotive and trucking industry rely on plastic and rubber extrusions as a durable and lightweight alternative to metal. Thermoplastics also provide superior chemical and corrosion resistance, and heat resistance for use around engine components.

Custom rubber extrusions from NWRE provide the flexibility to produce your exact dimensions and include intricate features for function or aesthetics. Applications for our custom trucking and automotive extrusions include bellows, weather stripping for doors and windows, wire and cabling channels, and rubber extensions for cab fairings.

Rubber extrusions used in automotive applications must meet stringent performance and safety requirements. NWRE holds an IATF 16949 Certificate of Approval for manufacturing custom extruded and molded organic, silicone, and thermoplastic elastomeric products. We also utilize ASTM for quality testing extrusions and molded products.

Thermoplastic and Rubber Extrusions for Construction Applications

Construction applications require durable and high-performance materials that withstand exposure to the sun, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Our available materials for construction extrusions include thermoplastics, silicone, EPDM, and more. Ask about our color matching services to create a more seamless and finished look.

Thermoplastic Expansion Joints and Extrusions

The high strength and lightweight characteristics of thermoplastic make it a desirable material for construction applications. We provide thermoplastic weatherstripping, glazing, and structural seals in the length and dimensions you need. Our capabilities also include co-extruded expansion joints with a thermoplastic top and silicone bottom for use in ceilings and exterior or interior walls.

Rubber Expansion Joints and Extrusions

Rubber construction extrusions provide good thermal stability and resist high and low temperatures. We custom manufacture rubber extrusions for various construction applications, including door seals, skylight and window seals, gaskets, edge trim and guards, bumpers, glazing seals, and expansion joints for concrete.

Medical Grade Silicone Extrusion Products

Medical applications must follow stringent guidelines for material usage and manufacturing practices. Hospitals, clinics, and testing laboratories also require rigorous testing to ensure the integrity of components made for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

NWRE has the expertise and quality control required to create FDA and industry compliant custom extrusions for a range of medical applications. We offer silicone and other medical grade materials that provide the chemical and temperature resistance required for autoclave and other sterilization methods.

Our medical-grade extrusions and molded products include cable jacketing, dental equipment tubing, bumpers for stainless steel carts, walk-in bathtub seals, and molded parts for X-ray machines.

Aerospace and Mil-Spec Compliant Extrusions

The aerospace industry uses rubber extrusions and molded products in jet engines, vehicle engines, and other mission-critical applications. These rubber products must withstand exposure to corrosive substances and extremely high temperatures and adhere to stringent industry guidelines for manufacturing, testing, and performance.

We have the industry knowledge and testing capabilities to ensure your custom extrusions and rubber molding meet Mil-spec requirements and AMS specifications. Our capabilities include sealing strips, seals and gaskets, overhead luggage bin seals, and wire harnesses. Select from a range of high-performance materials, including Neoprene®, silicone, fluorocarbon elastomers (FKM), and other compounds used in aerospace applications.

NWRE is AS 9100 Certified for the manufacture of custom extruded and molded organic and silicone products for the aerospace industry.

Marine Dock Bumper and Window Seal Extrusions

Harsh marine environments require wear-resistant products that withstand constant exposure to seawater, chemicals, UV rays, and high or low temperatures. We work with many of the preferred extrusion materials for marine applications, including EPDM, nitrile, PVC, silicone, and other thermoplastics. These materials have a wide application temperature range and provide beneficial properties, including chemical resistance, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Typical applications for our custom thermoplastic and rubber extrusions include finish trim, door seals, hatch seals, window seals, dock bumpers, and boat trailer bunks.

Rubber and Thermoplastic Railroad Extrusions

Extruded profiles are used by the railroad industry to protect tracks and provide vibration dampening. Rubber and thermoplastic materials are ideal for railroad use because they are nonconductive and provide good to excellent shear and tensile strength.

Our railroad products include tie pads, rail boots, and grout made from durable thermoplastic or elastomeric materials. We also hold two US patents for railroad crossing tie pads and elastomeric under tie pads.

Our Commitment to Producing High-Quality Custom Rubber Extrusions

Quality is a top priority, as is compliance with regulatory requirements for testing and manufacturing. We take several measures to ensure Quality Control and have a staff dedicated to meeting our high standards. NWRE also holds AS 9100, IATF16949, and ISO 9100 certifications to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

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NWRE supplies custom elastomeric products for all industries and applications. We have a strong commitment to product quality and providing high-quality, cost-effective extruded products to our customers.

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