What Are Rubber Extruded Products?

The rubber extrusion process begins with a rubber compound being heated and fed into an extruder, where revolving screws carry the rubber toward a specially-made die in the desired shape of the extruded component. Temperature and pressure increase as the material is forced through the die opening. As it passes through the opening, the rubber tends to swell to a certain extent, based on its chemical formula and hardness; plus/minus tolerances must often be designed into the parts cross-section to account for this.

The rubber materials used in extrusion are often left unvulcanized prior to the process, leaving the rubber in a softer and more pliable state post-extrusion. Therefore, most rubber extruded products need to be vulcanized before use. Depending on the type of rubber used, vulcanization will cause the material to either swell or shrink, both in its cross section and its length. A length of rubber extrusion most often experiences greater reduction or increase in dimensions at the center than at its ends.

The term “rubber extruded products” is sometimes used to refer to extrusions in general, though extruded products can also be made from silicone, plastic, or other materials.

Custom Rubber Extruded Products

From aircraft seals to rubber tubes and more, we can provide custom extruded rubber products for nearly any application. We can deliver rubber extruded products in sizes from 1/16” around to 14” wide and in straight lengths from 20’ and in coiled lengths up to 200’. We use EPDM, chloroprene, Buna N, and other high-quality materials to produce custom rubber extruded products.

Custom Silicone Extruded Products

Based on your specifications, we can produce extruded silicone cables, door seals, expansion joints, and other custom silicone extruded products. We can manufacture the silicone extruded products you need in sizes from 0.024” OD up to 18” across, and in virtually any color, using general purpose silicones, high strength silicones, phenyl silicones, custom compounds, and other specialty materials.

Custom Plastic Extruded Products

We can provide custom plastic extruded products that match your unique requirements, including automotive gaskets, rail boots, dual durometer seals, and much more. Our extrusion expertise enables us to produce plastic extruded products as small as 0.030” and as large as 14” across. We utilize PVC, HMW PVC (high molecular weight PVC), TPV, SEBS, and other durable, flexible plastic materials.

We are the only manufacturer you need for custom plastic extrusion, rubber extrusion, and silicone extrusion. Request a quote on extruded products for your application, or contact us for more information on our extrusion capabilities.

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