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Extrusion: Definition, History, & Process

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What Is An Extrusion? Extrusion is the process of creating objects with a fixed cross-sectional profile by pushing material through a die of the desired cross-section. A die is a thick, circular disk that contains one or more openings that create the shape of the desired profile. The extrusion process is advantageous compared to other …

Manufacturing: A Simple Explanation

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Manufacturing is the use of labor, machinery, tools, and biological or chemical processing to produce goods. This can be the large-scale creation of products from raw materials or the sale of basic goods to manufacturers for the creation of complex items such as automobiles, aircraft, or appliances.

Three Types of Silicone Materials for Manufacturing

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Silicone is a product manufactured from silicon, an element found in sand. It has both rubber- and plastic-like properties and can be shaped or formed, softened or hardened into basically anything. Extruded silicone products are extruded in a range of shapes and are used to provide vibration dampening, noise reduction, thermal shielding and insulation, and …

Featured Product: Silicone Jacketed Cables

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Silicone cable jacketing material is used for a multitude of industrial applications because of its flexibility, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, spanning from approximately -67°F to 400°F (-55°C to 205°C). These properties make silicone jacketing ideal for medical applications where devices must withstand repeated cleaning, …

What Is PVC Grip Tubing?

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Flexible PVC tubing is used to provide protective cushioning and a comfortable grip on the handles of exercise equipment, medical and dental equipment, and other similar devices. If you’ve ever spent time at the gym, you’ve likely seen flexible PVC tubing covering the handles and grip bars on exercise bikes, treadmills, and the like. The …

Featured Product: Custom Window Seals

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All window seals have the same basic job, whether they’re used on semi-trucks or recreational watercraft. The challenge, however, is finding something flexible enough to match your design needs while providing the durability and weatherability needed to withstand long-term exposure to the elements. A failed seal allows moisture and humidity to breach the window, causing …

Chemical Resistant Seals: What Are They & Why Are They Important?

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Chemical resistance refers to the ability of a substance to maintain its integrity during chemical exposure for a specific period of time. Therefore, a product that is chemically resistant is able to protect itself against a chemical attack or solvent reaction without resulting in degradation or corrosion. The greater the chemical resistance, the lower the …

More About Expansion Joint Seals

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Expansion joint seals create a flexible transition point between adjacent concrete or cement panels, allowing the structure to expand and contract with temperature changes and move with minor seismic shifts or strong winds without damage. They can also provide a waterproof seal between panels to prevent water and debris penetration, making them a critical component …

Featured Product: Custom Molded & Extruded Seals

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Molded seals and extruded seals include plugs, gaskets and other components used by a wide range of industries including automotive, medical, industrial, aerospace, construction and more. Rubber seals are easily customized and can be manufactured using various materials and processes to meet the design requirements of virtually any application. If you need a flexible seal …

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