Three Questions to Consider When Selecting an Elastomeric Material

While it is ultimately up to the user to determine the suitability of a material for their project, this information is good to use as a starting point in selecting an elastomeric material for a specific application. Below are some questions that we believe are helpful to consider. 

What are the service conditions that the product will encounter? 

It is important to think about what type of environment the product will be in after it’s made. Will there be a large temperature range it will need to endure or will it have a lot of pressure on it? These factors can affect what type of material you use. 

What are the design requirements? 

The material you use could also depend on design requirements such as shape or dimensions. The overall function of your design is important to consider, as well. For instance, the material may differ for a seal compared to a gasket.

What are the quality requirements? 

The specifications and qualifications are important to consider. Do you have color or visual requirements? What are the inspection criteria you need to meet? Different elastomeric materials will meet different requirements.

For more information on selecting an appropriate elastomeric material, see our full elastomeric material selection guide.

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