Featured Product: Silicone Jacketed Cables

Silicone cable jacketing material is used for a multitude of industrial applications because of its flexibility, UV resistance, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, spanning from approximately -67°F to 400°F (-55°C to 205°C). These properties make silicone jacketing ideal for medical applications where devices must withstand repeated cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization.

Cable assemblies on electronic medical devices and equipment must be sterilized in an autoclave after every procedure, and additionally require frequent cleaning and scrubbing. To protect these cables against the rigors of autoclaving, cleaning, and general daily use, they are usually jacketed in silicone. Silicone cable jacketing is also used in aerospace and automotive applications where parts are exposed to heat and moisture.  

The versatility of silicone jacketing makes it an excellent choice for insulating and bundling wires and cables. It is used in a multitude of industry applications including:

  • Insulating wiring on medical devices
  • Bundling cables are wires for medical and dental equipment
  • Insulating home and industrial wiring
  • Protecting high-voltage industrial cable assemblies
  • Insulating and bundling aircraft and aerospace cables and wiring

We feed the cables through a special cross-head system as the silicone is extruded. The material fully surrounds the cable and is applied under pressure to ensure proper bonding with and conformity to the cable or cable bundle. This full-encapsulation process ensures reliable protection.

Our services include silicone insulation and jacketing for wires and cables. Both options protect wires and cables but have slightly different uses. Insulation is a thin coating extruded directly onto bare wires. It is typically made of silicone, thermoplastic or similar materials and is often color-coded to allow easier identification of different wires in a bundle.

The difference with silicone cable jacketing is that it is placed over bundles of wires and cables to provide an additional layer of protection against damaging heat, moisture, and chemicals. You may notice silicone jacketed cables on equipment at your dentist or doctor’s office.

Wires and cables encased in silicone jacketing can withstand prolonged exposure to outdoor elements including humidity, rain, snow, and UV rays without degrading. This makes silicone material a preferred choice for medical cable assembly jacketing and other high-performance applications. Its adaptability and versatility make it ideal for medical technology of all types, from patient monitoring equipment to complex implantable devices.

Silicone is highly durable and able to tolerate repeated autoclaving and cleaning/disinfecting, as well as day-to-day use. This enables silicone jacketed cables to be used in both single-use and reusable equipment. Additionally, silicone offers excellent flexibility and elongation characteristics. This makes it the perfect jacketing material for cables that must be manipulated and maneuvered during surgical procedures. Finally, silicone is highly biocompatible and provides a soft, supple surface. Silicone jacketed cables, therefore, help reduce or eliminate undue irritation to patients and prevents accidental damage to skin or tissue. It also provides an easy-grip surface for doctors and nurses.

We can provide silicone jacketed cable that matches your unique requirements. Provide us with the wires or cable bundles for your device(s) and your jacketing specifications—thickness, durometer, color, etc.—and we’ll take it from there. We offer a range of services including silicone jacketing, silicone extrusions, and several value added services to complete your extrusion project.

Our premium silicone jacketing materials and proven manufacturing processes guarantee superior quality and durability. We are ISO 9001, AS 9100, and IATF 16949 registered for quality assurance.

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