More About Expansion Joint Seals

Expansion joint seals create a flexible transition point between adjacent concrete or cement panels, allowing the structure to expand and contract with temperature changes and move with minor seismic shifts or strong winds without damage. They can also provide a waterproof seal between panels to prevent water and debris penetration, making them a critical component of bridges, rooftops, and parking garages.

We custom manufacture expansion joints based on your shape, size, and color specifications to meet the needs of any customer application. Simply supply us with your design and material specifications, and we will deliver custom expansion joint seals that perfectly match your requirements.

We produce custom expansion joint seals for roof-to-roof, floor-to-floor, roof-to-wall, and wall-to-wall joints. We can provide expansion joints in nearly any specialty configuration you may need. Our precision custom extrusion capabilities enable us to turn essentially any customer design into a tangible product.

We can produce custom architectural seals, bridge seals, v-seals, and other expansion joints from silicone and thermoplastic materials, depending on the needs of your application. Our custom expansion joints are also available in any color you require, including joint seals that are color-matched to their other construction materials to “hide” the seams between panels.

All bridges are designed to be flexible to accommodate shifting from wind, temperature changes, stress from loads, and earthquakes or other natural events. Bridge expansion joints help absorb vibration and movement to prevent cracking that damages the structure and can lead to collapse. 

Railway bridges also expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and can shift with movement across the tracks. This movement places extra strain on railway tracks and can cause them to buckle, resulting in dangerous train derailments.  Bridge expansion joints help prevent these issues by absorbing bridge movement and expansion and contraction resulting from temperature changes.

Wall expansion joints are installed between concrete slabs and other construction materials in residential and commercial building applications.  The watertight joint seals accommodate movement and vibration and allow thermal expansion and contraction during temperature changes. Wall expansion joints are used for interior and exterior walls and may also be installed in foundation floors. 

Just like walls, roofing materials need space to expand, contact, and shift as environmental conditions change. Roof expansion joints are made from extruded thermoplastic and create a watertight seal to prevent damage from moisture.Request a quote on silicone or thermoplastic custom expansion joints for your application. Contact Northwest Rubber Extruders for more information.

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