Industries Served: Construction

We manufacture custom rubber, silicone, and plastic extruded profiles and moldings for engineers and OEMs across a broad range of industries. One of those is the construction industry.

Construction applications require durable and high-performance materials that withstand exposure to the sun, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Our available materials for construction extrusions include thermoplastics, silicone, EPDM, and more. We also have color matching services to create a more seamless and finished look.

The high strength and lightweight characteristics of thermoplastic make it a desirable material for construction applications. We provide thermoplastic weatherstripping, glazing, and structural seals in the length and dimensions you need. Our capabilities also include co-extruded expansion joints with a thermoplastic top and silicone bottom for use in ceilings and exterior or interior walls.

Rubber construction extrusions provide good thermal stability and resist high and low temperatures. We custom manufacture rubber extrusions for various construction applications, including door seals, skylight and window seals, gaskets, edge trim and guards, bumpers, glazing seals, and expansion joints for concrete.

We utilize standard and high-performance elastomeric materials in a variety of durometers and will help you find the right compound for your application. Our team also provides several value-added services, including hand building, splicing, packaging, and assembly. Contact us today for more information or request a quote on your construction application needs.

NW Rubber Extruders