Thermoplastic Plastic vs. Thermoset Plastic

If you have ever wondered whether it is safe to put plastic bowl inside a microwave you are not alone. Not all plastics are created equal when it comes to their resistance to changing temperatures while still retaining their flexibility. But the ones that can keep their structural integrity are indispensable in multiple industries where they can be exposed to extreme temperatures including the automotive industry and construction industries. 

Plastics are placed in two different categories, based on how they respond to heat. If the plastic softens when heated, it is a thermoplastic. Thermoplastic applications tend to be pliant and bendable when cured making it an obvious choice as a sealant, weather seals and gaskets. 

Unlike thermoplastic, thermoset hardens when going through the molding process and are not able to be remolded when solid and have a higher melting point than thermoplastic. Thermoset plastic has uses in the construction as motor parts, insulators, and more.  

At NW Rubber Extruders, we offer a wide variety of custom products made from either thermoset plastic or thermoplastic including: rail boots, tie pads, joint seals, curtain wall seals, dock bumpers, weather stripping, gaskets and much more! 

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