Supply Chain Shortages: Ongoing

Supply chain shortages for raw materials during the pandemic are ongoing, especially with a lot of products coming from overseas. As a manufacturing company that creates and delivers products in the USA, we have been lucky to still have a 97% delivery rate on our projects. This is not the case for everyone.

For example, the vehicle industry is suffering. According to Kelly Blue Book, prices are rising to an all-time high on new vehicles due to low supply.  Car rental rates are also increasing as repair is taking longer due to auto shops waiting on parts. Parts that usually take a week to show up are now taking months. 

The semiconductor shortage that occurred alongside the pandemic is estimated to continue to be an issue for years to come, according to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger. While restrictions have loosened since the beginning of the pandemic in certain areas, there are still fewer employees and high demand.

Even though supply is and will continue to struggle, Reuters reported in October 2021 that retail sales were surging as people began holiday shopping earlier to avoid potential delays. 
With every business being affected so differently in current times, it is important to remember what can and cannot be controlled. While these issues are happening at a global level, at NW Rubber, we proudly manufacture all of our custom products in Beaverton, Oregon and we are always transparent with our customers about lead times. Request a quote to start the discussion about your rubber molding project.

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