Shaping the Future of Custom Extrusion and Molding for 2024

Embracing Tomorrow’s Challenges from Beaverton, Oregon

As a leading custom flexible plastic, silicone, and rubber extruder and molder in the Pacific Northwest, we’re gearing up for an exciting 2024. Our commitment to serving the automotive, aerospace, medical, and construction industries remains stronger than ever. We continue to specialize in high-quality custom extrusions and molded products, focusing on sealing, noise, and vibration dampening solutions.

Innovative Solutions Meeting 2024’s Expectations

Every project we take on is custom-designed to fit the unique specifications of our clients, a practice we’re proud to continue into 2024. Our use of state-of-the-art technology and premium materials ensures we stay at the forefront of cost-effective manufacturing. We are expanding our range of services to include the latest in hand building, die cutting, splicing, deflashing, and adhesive tape backing techniques.

Elevating Quality Control and Adhering to Evolving Standards

As we approach 2024, our focus on Quality Control remains paramount. Precision and repeatability are at the heart of our custom extrusion and molded rubber products. Our in-house production of extrusion dies is key to maintaining the exacting standards our clients expect. We are also updating our quality certifications to align with the evolving industry standards and specifications.

Sustainability: Our Commitment into 2024 and Beyond

Environmental responsibility is a key pillar of our operations. As we look towards 2024, our environmental policy is being further enhanced to align with the latest in sustainable practices. Our commitment to recycling, reusing, and minimizing our environmental impact is stronger than ever. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in this area, ensuring our operations remain as eco-friendly as possible.

Continuing Our Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

With over a quarter-century of industry leadership, we are excited to enter 2024 with a renewed commitment to excellence and innovation. Our history is marked by a steadfast dedication to quality, customer service, and forward-thinking strategies.

For the latest information on our services, capabilities, and how we can assist you in your projects for 2024, please contact us. We look forward to collaborating with you and turning your innovative ideas into reality.

NW Rubber Extruders