Rubber Gaskets and Plastic Seals in Curtain Wall Systems

A dominant feature in modern architecture is an emphasis on sleek looking exteriors that is often accomplished by shimmering windows that make up an entirety of a building’s exterior. A curtain wall system, as its namesake suggests, is hung on the side of a building by either an aluminum or steel rail making it a non bearing structure that has a very quick installation time while still providing exceptional climate control inside the building. These wall systems are commonly used in high rise buildings because of their resilience to weather changes including turbulent winds but also are utilized in low rise buildings. 

Curtain wall systems utilize glazing systems during manufacturing which are made up of rubber gaskets and plastic seals whose  primary purpose is to reduce air flow and moisture from penetrating the building’s interior. Both of these parts of the system play a crucial role in maintaining the structure’s integrity and flexibility in ever changing weather conditions. 

While curtain wall systems seals can be made with different materials, plastic seals and sealants that are commonly made of silicone which has a reputation for having remarkable resistance to changing temperatures. Silicone has the added benefit of being a great insulator which is crucial in providing overall performance of the wall system of providing controlled temperature that doesn’t compromise the energy efficiency of the building. 

Rubber gaskets that are also used to reduce vibration, keep the glass at a measured distance from the window frame, uniform cushioning between panels, and for providing additional temperature control. 

We provide a wide variety of seals and gaskets including silicone, rubber, plastic and more!  We provide additional services to complete your custom flexible plastic extrusion project including hand building, adhesive tape backing, part marking, die-cutting, splicing, deflashing, and assembly.  Contact us today to discuss your extrusion requirements.

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