Rubber Bellows in the Automotive Industry

Rubber bellows are a useful part in multiple industries including the automotive industry where it plays an important role in supporting and protecting the inner machinery of the vehicle. Rubber bellows can be found in steering systems of cars and trucks, pumps, pistons, shafts and more!

Rubber bellows can come in multiple shapes though the most common are long and unique accordion shaped depending upon the specific application. This unique creates a flexible seal that can withstand high pressure changes and helps reduce friction between mating parts and minimize mechanical noise. These seals also have the added benefit of protecting the rest of the machinery from corrosive substances like oils, acids, and condensation build up that could easily affect the longevity of the vehicle’s engine. 

We can produce high quality molded rubber bellows in the size and shape depending on your individual needs. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot your design challenges and handle requests for complex geometries. 

If you need molded rubber bellows quickly, we can help. NWRE uses lean manufacturing processes to ensure quick turnaround times. We also have strict quality control practices to maintain precision and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. 

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