PVC Tubing for Exercise Equipment and Healthcare

With the second month of 2023 well under way, many health conscious individuals have hit their local gym with new year’s resolutions to kick start their health and fitness goals. But many may not think too much about the importance of the materials that outfit their favorite work out machines. And this is where PVC tubing comes in! 

PVC tubing is a highly durable material that provides a perfect grip for bike handlebars, treadmills, ellipticals and more! PVC tubing accommodates a wide range of motion while still providing the user with a comfortable but firm grip. PVC tubing also has a solid place in the healthcare industry and can be found inside a dentist office and in hospitals for patients on wheelchairs and walkers. 

At NW Rubber Extruders, we can provide a large assortment of colors and sizes of PVC Tubing to fit almost any project. 

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