Elastomeric Grout

Northwest Rubber Extruders’ LRT elastomeric grout is a special, two-component formulation made with fast-setting, return to service polyurethane. This product is specifically designed for use in rail applications to fill the spaces between transportation rail structures and adjacent concreted.

LRT elastomeric grout provides electrical isolation for electrically-powered light rail and street car tracks. It also absorbs vibration to prevent cracking and damage, and reduces noise caused by rail traffic.

Advantages of LRT Elastomeric Grout

  • Highly adhesive for ease of use
  • Sets & cures quickly, with adjustable set times
  • Provides electrical isolation
  • Good vertical memory & stiffness
  • Acoustic noise reduction
  • Chemical resistant
  • No VOCs

Areas of Use

  • Fill voids & annular space
  • Fill insulated joints
  • Rail maintenance & special void support
  • Rail intersections, stations & “frogs”
  • Rail construction/maintenance over subgrade structures, tunnels, vaults & equipment parking and storage areas

For more information, view our LRT brochure.

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We also offer thermoplastic rail boots, which provides many of the same benefits and characteristics, and may be better suited to certain rail applications.

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