Tie Pads

Northwest Rubber Extruders extrudes under tie pads and crossing tie pads for railroad construction. With our patented designs, premium materials, and precision extrusion capabilities, we deliver rail pads that exceed the strict requirements of the railroad industry.

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Crossing Tie Pads
U.S. Patent 6,442,478 B1

Any place where concrete railroad ties are in direct contact with concrete support panels, such as road crossings, the weight and vibration of railcars passing on the track above will quickly degrade the concrete components. Northwest Rubber Extruders railroad crossing tie pads act as a barrier between the two concrete surfaces, protecting panels from repeated impact on the ties and vice versa, to extend the life of both components and reduce replacement costs.

Our crossing tie pads are made from thermoplastic materials designed to meet the demanding needs of the railroad industry and designed to resist movement from their intended positions. They distribute the forces caused by irregularities protruding from the edges of ties and can compensate for uneven ties.

  • Increase the working life of concrete panels and ties
  • Distribute forces caused by irregular tie surfaces
  • Compensate for uneven ties
  • Protect panels and ties from repeated impact with each other
  • Specially designed to resist movement from their intended positions

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Under Tie Pads
U.S. Patent 7,278,588 B2

Northwest Rubber Extruders under tie pads are made from specially formulated elastomeric material that reduces the modulus of railroad tracks over relatively stiff structures to a magnitude approximating the modulus of track over the terrain surrounding the structure.

In other words, our under tie rail pads help the concrete railroad ties used on bridges and other specialized track sections behave more like standard wooden ties. Our under tie pads reduce vibration and impacts that can dislodge cargo and damage railcars, ties, and tracks. They help reduce ballast breakdown and associated maintenance costs. And, because they’re molded directly into the concrete ties themselves, they also help reduce installation time and cost.

  • Minimize undesirable amount of vibration
  • Reduce impacts that can dislodge cargo, damage railroad ties and railcar structures, such as wheels, and degrade railroad track
  • Reduce installation time and cost—under tie pads are molded into concrete ties
  • Reduce ballast breakdown and maintenance costs

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