Products: Grommets 

Whether it is installed inside the machinery of an automobile, electrical appliances, or inside the interior walls of your home, industrial grommets are a key part of preventing damage to wiring and cables. Grommets, both synthetic and non synthetic,  serve a multitude of purposes including vibration control, minimizing dust collection, and providing a safe area for tubes, cables and wiring to pass through pilot holes.

 Rubber grommets are particularly important inside the interiors of motors since they have the ability to prevent wires from getting exposed to rapid temperature changes, moisture, and friction that can cause damage to the machine’s internal functions. 

Industrial rubber grommets can come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on their intended location and use. Some of these sizes include, circular, oval, strips, tapered and  hinge shaped. 

We manufacture our grommets by using compression molding, injection molding, and transfer molding to produce custom molded grommets. We also offer a wide selection of different natural and synthetic materials to create our grommets including: nitrile, Chloroprene (Neoprene®)EPDM, general purpose rubber, high strength rubber and much more! 

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