Plastic and Rubber Seals in Food Manufacturing

With the price of food increasing, the importance of storing and conserving resources has become a forefront of many households and the manufacturers who process these foods. Hence the storage and preservation of food and other goods is paramount to manufacturers which is where food grade seals come in.  

Food grade seals whether they be plastic or rubber are the only seals FDA approved to be used in conjunction with food manufacturing and packaging. These seals must be able to pass multiple parameters including a resistance to chemicals, bacteria build up, non toxic, non marking, and non allergenic. Seals can preserve freshness and  longevity of stored foods that otherwise might go stale or rotten in a cupboard, refrigerators, freezers or warehouses. 

Two of the most common types of materials used in food manufacturing are plastic and silicone rubber extrusions. 

Plastic extrusions are a two dimensional material that is both durable and flexible which makes it easier to mold into multiple shapes depending upon the application. There are multiple different types of plastic that are used in food manufacturing and production including but not limited to high and low density polyethylene, polycarbonate, and polyethylene terephthalate. 

Silicone rubber is the most common type of seal for food preservation and food manufacturing and can be found in both domestic and commercial applications Silicone can offer many advantages over other types of food grade seals including tolerance to both low and high temperatures, great insulation to provide sterility and a resistance to moisture. Silicone is also remarkably durable and flexible which can be useful in kitchen and manufacturing environments that demand multiple uses. And because of their high tolerance to temperature fluxucations

 some silicone molds can even be made to be microwaves safe for convenient heating and cooling during food preparation.

We supply FDA compliant seals for use in food production and other service applications. Northwest Rubber Extruders is the only manufacturer you need for custom plastic extrusion, rubber extrusion, and silicone extrusion. Request a quote on extruded products for your application, or contact us for more information on our extrusion capabilities.

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