Lightweight Material to Increase Fuel Mileage

One of the various products we develop regularly is lightweight materials for the automotive industry in order to increase fuel mileage. We make sure our items have no loss in durability, reduce fuel consumption, and are less costly because they don’t weigh as much. 

We provide thermoplastic weatherstripping, glazing, and structural seals in the length and dimensions customizable to your needs. Our capabilities also include co-extruded expansion joints with a thermoplastic top and silicone bottom for use in ceilings and exterior or interior walls.

Construction applications require durable and high-performance materials that withstand exposure to the sun, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Our available materials for construction extrusions include thermoplastics, silicone, EPDM, and more. We also create a more seamless and finished look with our color matching services. 

The high strength and lightweight characteristics of thermoplastic make it a desirable material for construction applications. Prolonged exposure to heat and chemicals places an exceptional amount of strain on gasket and seal materials, causing them to weaken. Automotive rubber moldings are made to withstand high temperatures and exposure to oil, chemicals, and other harsh fluids. The high-performance materials used in these seals also resist abrasion and wear to keep automotive components operational longer.

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