Investigating Post-Consumer Materials

According to the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, America needs to rethink the way it generates plastics in order to substantially reduce its contribution to plastic waste in the ocean. One strategy to do so is the use of post-consumer materials in manufacturing.

There are two types of recyclable materials: pre-consumer and post-consumer. Pre-consumer materials are waste that never reaches a consumer for one reason or another (trimmings, scraps, rejected products). Post-consumer materials are waste that was recycled after the consumer finished using it (plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass jars).

Utilizing post-consumer recycled materials in manufacturing is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. The biggest benefit is that waste is reduced. Instead of these products ending up in the landfill, they are recycled and reused. Using post-consumer materials also reduces the demand for new materials, lowering the probability of material scarcity in the future. It is also financially beneficial because many customers will choose sustainable products over unsustainable products. They are also willing to pay more for sustainable, recycled products.

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