Industries Served: Trucking and Automotive

The Trucking and Automotive Industry is one of our many industries served. Trucking and Automotive rely on flexible plastic and rubber extrusions as a durable and lightweight alternative to metal. Our custom extrusions provide the flexibility to produce exact dimensions and include intricate features for function or aesthetics. Applications for our custom trucking and automotive extrusions include bellows, weather stripping for doors and windows, wire and cabling channels, and flexible cab extender fairing.

Rubber bellows are a multi-function type of seal that expand and contract without compromising seal integrity. They are used in the automotive industry to seal gas lines and engine parts, but are also used in food processing, construction, power generation, etc. Find more information here on our custom rubber bellows.

Custom Automotive Seals are made to withstand high temperatures and exposure to oil, chemicals, and other harsh fluids. We use high-performance materials that resist abrasion and wear to keep the components operational longer, as well. Rubber products are used throughout the interior and exterior of a vehicle, including drivetrain components, transmissions, doors and windows, fuel supply systems, and engine cooling systems. Find out more information on Custom Automotive Seals here.

Custom Window Seals all basically have the same job, but finding something flexible enough to match your design needs while providing durability and weatherability is the challenge. We have the materials and ability to design a high quality product whether it is for a semi-truck window or high-end yacht. Find more information on Custom Window Seals here.Rubber extrusions used in automotive applications must meet stringent performance and safety requirements. We maintain IATF 1649- Automotive Quality Management system relating to the development, and manufacturing of automotive related products. Custom extruded and molded products are available in organic, silicone, and thermoplastic elastomeric materials. We also utilize ASTM for quality testing extrusions and molded products. Contact us today for more information or request a quote.

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