Industries Served By NW Rubber Extruders

From highways to railways, hospitals to spacecraft, NW Rubber leads the industry in providing high-quality rubber and plastic extrusion solutions tailored to meet the demands of various sectors. Our expertise in crafting durable, flexible, and custom-designed extrusions has made us a trusted partner across a spectrum of industries that prioritize safety, reliability, and performance.

  • Automotive and Trucking
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Railroad


The automotive and trucking industry favors rubber and plastic extrusions over metal as they tend to be a more reliable and lightweight alternative. On top of that, rubber and plastic extrusions can be highly durable in the face of chemical corrosion as well as resistant to high temperatures around engine components. We create custom rubber extrusions to fit any dimension or function, and these custom extrusions can include bellows, wire and cabling channels, weather stripping for doors and windows, and extensions for cab fairings.


The rubber and thermoplastic extrusions that we use for our construction applications must be durable and created from high-performance materials as they need to withstand exposure to elements such as UV rays, extreme temperature, and the sun. These high-performance materials include thermoplastics, EPDM, and silicone that can be color matched to fit in seamlessly with any building.


There are very specific guidelines that must be followed for medical applications, both for material usage and manufacturing practices, which includes requiring rigorous testing of medical applications in hospitals, clinics, and testing laboratories. Our medical grade extrusions include cable jacketing, dental equipment tubing, molded parts for X-Ray machines, and much more. These extrusions come with a great deal of expertise and quality control so that you can rest assured that your medical applications are FDA and industry compliant.


The aerospace industry uses rubber molded and extruded products for a number of mission-critical applications such as jet engine and vehicle engines. These rubber products not only require a high level of durability against corrosive substances and high temperatures, but they also might meet industry guidelines for manufacturing, testing, and performance.


Marine environments can be harsh due to extreme temperature changes and seawater, which means that our rubber extruded materials must be able to withstand wear and corrosion. The materials that we tend to use for marine applications include nitrile, PVC, silicone, EPDM, and other thermoplastics, as they have a wide range of temperature endurance and resistance to chemicals, tears, and abrasions.


The custom extrusions that we create for the railroad industry are typically used to protect tracks and provide vibration dampening, which is why we tend to favor rubber and thermoplastic materials as they are nonconductive and have great tensile strength. The rubber extruded products that we can create include tie pads, rail boots, and grout.

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