Elastomeric Railroad Products

Elastomeric rail products include rail boots, tie pads, and other rubber extruded products used by the railroad industry.  A few examples of transport where these products are used include:

  • Subway Cars
  • Commuter Rails
  • Light Rails
  • Streetcars
  • And other forms of train transport

We offer rail boots and rail pads that are extruded from durable elastomeric and thermoplastic materials and are easy to install.

Thermoplastics are high strength, lightweight, and provide excellent wear resistance, impact resistant and chemical resistance. They perform well in rail applications because of their excellent flex fatigue, durability, and resistance to creep and tearing.

Elastomeric materials are rubber compounds that resist tearing and breaking and have excellent heat and chemical resistance.  The flexibility, durability, and insulative properties of elastomers make them perfect for vibration dampening, electrical insulation, and noise reduction.

Our product line also includes elastomeric grout specially formulated for demanding railroad construction conditions. Request a quote on the thermoplastic and elastomeric rail products you need, or contact us for more information.

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