Elastomeric Products For The Railroad Industry

One of our most popular industries that we work with is the railroad industry, which has been a
staple for transportation purposes for centuries due to its reliability and strength. A large part of what
makes trains and railroads reliable is the quality and upkeep of elastomeric rail products—and that’s
where we come in.

For this industry, the elastomeric products that we can create includes rail boots, tie pads,
elastomeric grout, and many other rubber extruded products that make up the trains and railroads.
Like our other rubber extruded products, our rail products are custom-made from a variety of
thermoplastic and elastomeric materials that tend to be flexible, lightweight, and have great tensile
strength. These materials help provide insulation for its components from electrical currents as well
as reducing wear and tear from the track system due to heavy loads and environmental conditions.

Rail boots are used in embedded railway tracks as a way to reduce noise and damage, absorb
vibrations, and provide electrical isolation between the rail and concrete roadway. On the other
hand, our tie pads are placed between the railroad tracks and concrete in order to absorb weight and
vibration that tends to degrade the concrete over time. Elastomeric grout is typically used to fill the
space between transportation rail structures and the adjacent concrete due to its electrical resistant

From subway cars to light rails to streetcars and much more, our rubber extruded rail products are
essential in keeping rail tracks in good operating condition and preventing damage due to vibrations
and heat.

We provide a wide variety of seals and gaskets including silicone, rubber, plastic and more! We
provide additional services to complete your custom flexible plastic extrusion project including
hand building, adhesive tape backing, part marking, die-cutting, splicing, deflashing, and
assembly. Contact us today to discuss your extrusion requirements.

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