Elastomeric Grout in the Railroad Industry

Trains travel great distances from city to city carrying tremendous amounts of cargo at varying speeds across the country. That speed and weight is certain to generate a significant amount of vibration and noise which can be disruptive to the populations that receive these locomotives. Light rails in particular that are often used in cities by commuters and other industries use a specific type of grout called elastomeric grout. 

Elastomeric grout specifically helps to dampen this noise by creating a strong adhesive that is highly resilient to vibration and temperature changes. This product is made of polyurethane, a compound created by aggregate and a two component polymer, making it a flexible material and resistant to damage from high friction areas. In addition elastomeric grout rapidly cures substances that can resist harsh chemicals including acids, solvents and oils. 

Some applications include, but are not limited to, filling insulated joints, voids and annular spaces, in rail maintenance and more! 

We offer high quality railroad elastomeric grout that is specially formulated for demanding railroad construction conditions. In addition we also offer other railroad supplies such as rail pads and boots that are extruded from durable elastomeric and thermoplastic materials and easy to install. 

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