Bridging the Gap: How NW Rubber Extruders Serve the Bridge Industry

Connecting people all over the world, bridges play an important role in the transportation of goods and services across cities, towns and border lines. Not only do they need to support a constant flow of traffic of vehicles, bridges have to sustain a variety of weather conditions year round all the while keeping their structural integrity. 

Expansion joints are useful to help bridges from sustaining fluctuating temperatures, providing a malleable point between cement or concrete panels that allow the deck to adjust and move with seismic shifts and turbulent winds. In addition, expansion joints provide another valuable  benefit of preventing the bridge from sustaining some damage from water and debris. 

Two materials for expansion joints that we do provide are made of either Silicone or Thermoplastic. Both materials have remarkable resilience against weather and temperature changes though silicone is more flexible and resilient to UV light than thermoplastic while thermoplastic is known for its incredible strength that can be invaluable when bridges are sustaining heavy loads and constant vibration. 

We provide custom expansion joints to meet the needs of our  customer needs whether it be shape, size, and color specifications. Simply supply us with your design and material specifications, and we will deliver custom expansion joint seals that perfectly match your requirements.

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